If you are planning to travel with children to Isla Canela, consider taking a ride by bicycle around the marshlands of this municipality of Huelva

Travelling with children doesn´t have to be a nightmare. You just have to find a proper destination and activities where you can enjoy the holidays together with the little ones. Thus, Huelva is a perfect place to enjoy family holidays.

This time we are going to suggest some activities for you and the kids. Maybe a bicycle ride around the marshland in Isla Canela. Sport and nature in a perfect combination.

One of the most attractive natural areas of Huelva

No doubt is one of the most appealing natural areas of the province of Huelva. We suggest you plan a starting point in Punta del Moral (Isla Canela, Ayamonte) and from there draw a route that will lead you to a beautiful landscape where two rivers converge, Guadiana and Carreras.

It is a perfectly marked path that the children will not find difficult to complete, moreover, they will learn about different species that live on the area, such as little egrets, spoonbills, seagulls, terns among others.


Travelling with children will be an unforgettable experience

This track is known as Salinas del Duque and you can organize a family tour on foot or with bicycles. It is a circular route round marshland of Punta de la Cruz, Punta del Moral, Caño Franco y Caño de la Cruz.

Besides the fauna, the vegetation is worth the detailed observation. Through the path, beautiful sunsets can be admired. Travelling with children will strengthen the ties between all family members having this scenary in the background. 

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