If you want to find out about Ayamonte, in this article you can find some tips. It has got a lot of interesting spots to discover. Go for it! And start planning your tour

¿Are you looking for information about what to see in Isla Canela and Ayamonte? Then, this is it. This wonderful place in the province of Huelva has got a lot to offer. You will find unique spots along its streets and beaches. Go for the adventure of finding them! 

Places you can´t miss in Ayamonte 

· Isla Canela: beach of fine golden sand, where the sunsets are astonishing. A safe beach, perfect for families with quality certificates. It is paradise like, peaceful but lively. The proximity to the beach from Apartamentos Leo allows you to enjoy it in full. Kilometres of cycle lane, promenade, water sports´schools and golf make Isla Canela the perfect holiday destination for every personal preference.

· Mirador de la Villa (view point): If you want to enjoy some beautiful views over Ayamonte you can´t miss the visit to this view point in the highest part of town. You´ll be able to apreciate the view over the Guadiana River which you will remember forever. Don´t forget to bring your camera!

· Iglesia de las Angustias (Church of Angustias): it is a medieval building where several changes were made during the 17th  and 18th century. The white walls with fine yellow lines make the building stand out from the others in this location. 

· Capilla de San Antonio (Chapel of San Antonio): built in the end of the 16th century by local sea men. It is worth the visit. 

· Pozo de los Almendros (Almendros´well): it was built in the 17th century to supply water to the people in town. 

· Plaza de la Laguna (Laguna´s Square): there you can find the Town Hall and through there you can walk around lovely pedestrian streets, the most lively part of town. 

Enjoy this pleasant place! 

There is, indeed a lot to visit in Ayamonte. You are now ready to start planning the visit to this beautiful city. 

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